Brainstorming Content and Titles - A Must for Every Writer

Working Title: Through Gethsemane's Gate
As I sit to fill my current manuscript pages, I realize how important it is that there be certain fundamental beliefs that should be clear in order to understand the significance of my subject matter. My brain starts firing and I start to go off on one tangent only to think of three more things I should include in this manuscript. That's when I stop. I pull away from my keyboard and think. What is truly needful for this book? Focus is always hard for me when it comes to writing books, articles, or even school papers. I am a very detail oriented person. This is a gift, yet it so often feels like a curse. Rather than struggling to come up with words, I struggle to limit my words. But that's what I must do. Every great writer knows which words should remain and which words require the delete button. I am an organic writer which means I have ideas in my head, but there is no outline. I sit down and I start writing as things come to me. This form of writing requires that I edit each section as I write before moving on to the next scene or chapter. And while this is a nonfiction book, the rule applies. I did do some brainstorming and wrote a list of 25 things I'd like to discuss in this book. I'm quite sure I'll have to pare it down, but the list makes for great writing prompts when I'm not sure what to write next.

My brainstorming also led me to check Amazon to see if there were any other books with the title, "Through the Garden Gate," and of course there were six of them. This caused me to backtrack and figure out how I could change the name to something less generic that would still encapsulate what I wish. I pared it down to "Through Gethsemane's Gate." This is still a working title, meaning the publisher can change the name if they believe there is a better name to be had. However, I searched Amazon and there is not a single book titled, "Through Gethsemane's Gate." So, for now, it's a win! One of the reasons I work so hard to come up with a solid working title is that is helps me to keep the necessary focus of the book. As I write, I continually go back to the title, reminding myself the purpose of the book, and realign my writing accordingly.

Writers: How do you remain focused? How do you come up with a working title?
Readers: Is there a particular book in which you really like the layout? What makes a book easier for you to read?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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