South Carolina Flood of 2015

Dear Beth, 

It's been an unbelievable day. While I've been safe in my nest, hundreds of people in my area have been caught in a flash flood unlike anything South Carolina has ever seen. Or at least hasn't seen since they started recording the weather here. It's horrifying to see vehicles tumbling in water like toys, rooftops of houses peeking out from the rapids, dams breached, yards turned into riverways, bridges collapsed with vehicles sucked into the flood-created ravines, and chunks of roads crumpled and torn away leaving gaping holes where people once drove. I have done what they told us. I've stayed inside. When the rain stopped I did walk down to the pond. I had to know how it faired. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

Half expecting the pond to be broken and spilling out, it was simply overflowing. Yet, it still reeked havoc on the road.

Washed out and torn away, the sight is unbelievable. How does this happen? (That was a hypothetical question. Of course I know how...)

This... this is just a small piece of the devastation. I can't imagine what the next week is going to look like. 

I have yet to learn how many of my church family members have lost their homesIt's not something I look forward to. 

I'm so thankful my boys are safe. I'm so thankful many of my friends are safe. I pray First Pres will be a shining light in the midst of tragedy. May we shine the light of Christ upon our neighbors and upon our nation as we minister to our communities in the coming days.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend the day catching up in Math and Speech just in case we have school Tuesday. That, of course, also depends on if neighbors need us. For now, I need to sleep. Good night. 

Yours truly, 

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