"Finding Beth" Is On Sale!

We are so excited to share with you that Linnette's five star, award-winning novel "Finding Beth" Kindle Edition is on sale for only $0.99 at Amazon.com! To read a little about Beth's story including reveiws, you can also go to CrossRiver Media. Happy reading!

Embracing Life: Does Jesus Really Give Abundant Life?

Embracing Life: Does Jesus Really Give Abundant Life?:

"What does Jesus mean when he says he has come not only to give us life, but to give us life abundantly? I've pondered this question more times than I can count. Life is filled with pain and destruction and loss and so many tragic, traumatic things. How can your life possibly be abundant when..."

Author Interview tonight: a chronically ill award-winning author, a working single mom, and a college student...

On "Speak UP!" with Scott McCausey of ChristianDevotions.com: Tuesday, March 28th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time/5:00 p.m. Central time, Linnette R Mullin - author of life-changing romance and the award-winning novel "Finding Beth," will be interviewed on blog-talk radio! God is doing some amazing things in our resident author's life, so tune in for the interview tonight. 
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If you can't listen to the live broadcast, no worries! The link will remain up for you to listen at your leisure. Either way, tune in! You're not going to want to miss it! Linnette talks a bit about her childhood, teen years, early adulthood and what led her to where she is now - a chronically ill award-winning author, a working single mom, and a college student. (Click here.)

Leave a comment here or on her Facebook wall telling what you found most interesting about her interview and your name will be entered into a drawing for a bookmark and an autographed copy of "Finding Beth." Please be sure to leave your email address, as well, in case you win!

Linnette R Mullin
Author of Life-changing Romance
Award-winning novel, "Finding Beth"
Freelance Writer
Mother of four amazing sons!
College Student
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Discovering Patience Through Healing

Photo by Linnette R Mullin
*This Same Jesus...: Discovering Patience Through Healing: We are all on a journey, are we not? The question is, what journey are we on and where exactly are we going? Is there a destination to which we look forward while we're on life's journey and, if so, what is that destination?

For so many years of my life, my goal was simply to survive the tests, trials, and heartaches that came into my life faster than I could breathe. I am a survivor, but only because God saw fit to reach down and pluck me from the torrent that had grown to out-of-control proportions. I was dying - body, soul, and spirit. Am I being a little over-dramatic? No. I cannot tell you in a few simple words from where I came, but I can tell you that the deep, dark vortex witnessed only by those closest to me was all too real. Thanks be to my heavenly Father that not only am I rescued from the trajectory I was on, but I'm walking a whole new journey...

*To continue reading this post, click the link to Linnette's "This Same Jesus - Discovering Jesus in the Midst of Life" blog.

This Is How My Writing Began...

A little know fact about this writer: 
This view is very similar to the one I had. It's the view that drove me to writing.

Once super-woman who kept her home and children nearly spotless and very regimented (in a very loving sort of way), I fell into illness from which I've never recovered. After several months, it became clear that I had a long road of recovery ahead of me. I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn't change up my view and do something productive. So, I dawned my robe and stepped across the hall to my desktop computer and began writing. Since then the Lord has seen fit to use my writing to minister to others. If I never publish another book, I am so thankful to have at least done that much. 

Don't worry! I haven't pocketed my pen, yet! I still plan to publish more stories, but for now God has me in training mode. He's teaching me things that will help "Loving Tiffany" be the best book two that it can be!