A Moment of Hope

Today, I have the wonderful privilege of helping out with a local Pro-Life group called "A Moment of Hope".  As those of you who have read "Finding Beth" know, there is a young Christian woman who finds herself pregnant and desperate. If she aborts her baby, she fears she could never live with herself. If she keeps her baby, she will not only bear public guilt and shame, but she will face the uncertainty of her future and the inability of supporting her child. 

Like Samantha, there are so many desperate situations for women of all sorts of ages, stages, and circumstances in life. A Moment of Hope and other like-minded ministries are there to help support these women in every way possible - to give them a moment of genuine hope in their dire situations. 

Tonight we hold a fundraising banquet with master of ceremonies, Senator Larry Grooms, and special guest speaker, Abby Johnson. Please join us in prayer for this ministry as we seek to support women in the circumstances in which they find themselves. If you wish to support this group, all donations are tax deductible. Learn more about A Moment of Hope at AMOH.org. Thank you and God bless!

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