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What a delightful surprise to wake up this Monday morning to the news that "Finding Beth" is up for yet another award! CSPA is Christian Small Publishers Association and every year they allow their readers to vote for their favorite books. That's right!

You have a voice!

I'm so excited to know my readers get to cast votes for books of the year by small publishers! If you'd like to vote for "Finding Beth" in Fiction Romance, please click HERE (CSPA Book of the Year Awards).

Linnette & DiAnn Mills
@ SELAH Awards
Award winning author, DiAnn Mills, said
Linnette R Mullin tackles the sensitivity of abuse in a tender love story that embraces harsh reality when the price seems too large to pay.

Award winning author, Kathi Macais, said:
Linnette Mullin has written more than a sweet romance - though it certainly is that - but she has also crafted a heart-pounding suspense story that will keep readers on the edge of their sear, anxiously turning pages right to the end. "Finding Beth" will encourage, entertain, and even educate readers about abusive relationships and how to deal with them. A strong story by a talented author!

Author Cathy Bryant of the Miller's Creek novels said:
"Finding Beth" is the sort of story every woman contemplating a romantic relationship should read. Like it or not, the world contains men with less-than-honorable intentions. Thankfully, there are also men, strong and godly, who cherish the women in their lives. The author delivers a powerful punch to abusers, all while skillfully crafting a love story of the truest kind.

22 Customer Reviews - Five Star Average

Linnette with Alton Gansky
& Edie Melson
SELAH Awards
Natalie Jane: Definitely worth reading!
This is a wonderful debut novel. Linnette's characters are multi-faceted and the plot is gripping. She tackles complicated topics like abuse in relationships with authenticity and directness. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I look forward to the next book in this series, and to reading more by Linnette R. Mullin in the future.

Cindi: A must read for anyone in or entering a relationship!
I received this book as a goodreads giveaway. I hit the jackpot with this one! Very well written story with great character development. This book flows so smoothly while it takes you into some serious relationship issues. The author does a very good job in creating true-to-life characters with some serious flaws. Not only does this novel express how important God is regarding our decisions and healing, it shows how having Christian friends and family can make a positive impact when we go through difficult times.
I highly recommend this novel for anyone who has had a difficult relationship and for those considering entering the dating world.

Thomas Mahon:
Finding Beth is a well written story with fully developed characters that the reader can care about. This book kept me up well beyond my bed time.

Amazon Customer: Couldn't stop reading it!
I loved this book. It had a great storyline with a good dose of drama and conflict that made me keep reading. I even read it on my phone/kindle app while standing in line at the grocery store. The next day after I had finished the book, I was still thinking of the characters and wanting to read more about them. I wish the author would write a sequel - tomorrow! The spiritual message through out was an added bonus to an intriguing story. Two thumbs up!

For those on Goodreads, "Finding Beth" has a 4.5 star rating

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Linnette R Mullin is an award-winning author of
Life-changing Romance.
Her debut novel, "Finding Beth" is the
2014 Grace Award winner for Fiction Romance,
2014 SELAH Award winner for Fiction Suspense,
 & a CSPA 2015 Book of the Year Nominee
in Fiction Romance.

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