Friday with Friends Welcomes S. R. Karfelt

Friday with Friends welcomes author S.R. Karfelt!
She brings us her debut novel:
Warrior of the Ages

Thanks, Linnette, for having me on Friday with Friends! I’d like to start off by sharing my summer vice. Iced lattes. I make them at home sometimes (with decaf coffee, so I suppose coffee connoisseurs will point out that this one is actually just an iced coffee) and I use ice cubes made out of frozen coffee. So good, and it’s a great way to use your leftover coffee and keep your drink from getting watered down.  

For your readers that don’t drink coffee, I have a backup cold drink. Isn’t this pretty? It’s plain boring soda water, but I freeze raspberries and spearmint leaves into ice cubes for it. I’m not much of a cook, but I can freeze water!

This summer, besides making ice cubes, I released my first novel at long last. I can say at long last since Warrior of the Ages was five and a half years in the making. The good news is that I wrote the entire series in that timeframe! Just in case you can’t tell by the ice cubes, I’m a stickler for detail. It took my patient cover artist forty-six covers 
before I found the one that won my heart. What do you think?

Immortality means one thing to Kahtar. Duty.
For millennia the ancient immortal warrior has returned to guard 
his people from the outside world. 
This time, Kahtar must moonlight as a cop to guard the entrance to paradise.
Beth White is drawn to the idyllic little village of Willowyth, Ohio, 
unaware there is a terrifying reason for her unnatural attraction. 
She soon learns a place full of secrets is nowhere to hide her own.
When a man’s duty is to protect his kind from outsiders, 
what happens when he discovers one of his own living in the wrong world?
Where is truth and honor when worlds collide?

Keep reading for a taste of WOA...

Only Sherman stuck with Beth, dogging the big cop’s steps and holding in his paunch as they moved through the door and down the porch steps.
“Excuse me, Chief? I’m Sherman Kelts. Surely this is overkill? Is this about her parking tickets? It’s hardly a criminal offense to ignore those, everybody does. I haven’t paid one myself in ten years.”
Easily darting past the man, the Police Chief expertly moved Beth along in front of him, one hand firmly on the small of her back. He didn’t reply. Sherman Kelts raced behind him fussing until the cop opened the back door of his patrol car and put a giant hand on the top of her head, shoving her just slightly less politely into the back seat. He tucked himself into the front and shut his door firmly right in Sherman’s pink face.
Beth piped up from the back of the squad car.
“That was rude. Did you know he’s a lawyer?”
The Chief’s good-looking partner caught Beth’s attention. His dark eyebrows shot up in mock surprise and he commented with a friendly grin, “Uh, oh.” The man swiveled completely in his seat and gave her such a welcoming smile that for a moment Beth forgot she was being arrested and felt like they were old friends. That would be if she had any old friends. Smiling blue eyes glanced towards her arms, which were uncomfortably wedged between her and the seat.
 The cop apologized. “I’m really sorry about the handcuffs. Twist around and I’ll take them off. Are you Clan Huron?”
Before Beth could even open her mouth the dark haired cop spun around, facing forward, looking straight out the window. The Chief glared in his direction. Something about his expression suggested a shouted reprimand though not a word had come out of his mouth. Beth could see from the side view mirror that all traces of the nice cop’s smile had vanished. Odder still, the cop then immediately slumped against his seat and closed his eyes. It was the worst acting she had ever seen, like a kid trying to get out of school and pretending to be sick. What the heck was that about?
The Chief was watching her in the rearview mirror and he offered up his first words since he’d slapped the handcuffs on her.
“He has a problem with his blood sugar.”
Beth snorted, for pity’s sake what was wrong with this guy and why on earth did they let this nut be the Chief of Police, for that matter what was up with his pathetic little sidekick?
 “He does not have low blood sugar, what is your deal? Why did you do this? Sherman will have half his law firm on this in the next few minutes. He already thinks he has a thing for me. The last thing I need is to be rescued from jail by Sherman Kelts!”
There was nothing about this that made much sense, but she wasn’t angry about being arrested, she was angry about the impending attention of Sherman Kelts. He’d spent the whole morning bragging about his law firm, his house, his condo in Mexico and a recent trip to Europe, the whole time with his eyes glued to her legs. Meeting the Chief’s gaze in the rearview mirror Beth had the distinct impression that Sherman’s attention bothered him too. That made no sense, but it felt true just the same.
The Chief, if she remembered correctly, was Kent Costas. Glancing at the steely eyes in the mirror, still looking at her, she had the oddest sensation that wasn’t really the man’s name. His big hands were squeezing the steering wheel as he began to recite her Miranda Rights. She stared at him through the mirror the whole time, but he avoided meeting her eyes again. Everything about him; his voice, his posture, his wacky partner still curled up against the passenger door, told her they were lying to her. She listened to the Police Chief’s voice, analyzing it for truth and found none. Every perfectly delivered word sounded like a veteran actor, and halfway through his speech he tilted his face so all she could see was his mouth. He knew she knew.
Warrior of the Ages is available at Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. If you’d like to read more, check it out. If you’d like to see the book trailer for Warrior of the Ages, just click right here. Let me know what you think. Did you even know that book trailers existed? (Neither did I until recently!)

Also, I’d like to gift an autographed copy to one of Linnette's lucky readers today. Just leave a comment below and share one of your summer delights with us. It’s that easy, because some things in life should be just that easy don’t you think? Thanks for having me today, Linnette! 
Woo-hoo! Did you read that? Stephanie is giving away an autographed copy of WOA, so leave a comment as well as a way to contact you. Love Stephanie's cover art, and where are the like buttons for those drinks? Wow! Let's sit and have a glass while we visit, shall we? Thank you for stopping by. And Stephanie, thank you for visiting Friday with Friends!

Stephanie R Karfelt
Action/Adventure Fiction Novelist
A Ragged Edge Writer


  1. Lovely Friday with Friends Post! Enjoyed it. I love that kind of cold drink you have in the picture up above with such awesome fancy ice-cubes. :)

    My summer delights... hmmm...
    I love watching the fireflies at night and how they twinkle in the darkness. Then they disappear all to show up a few seconds later a little ways away from where they were shining a few moments ago.

    I also enjoy laying out on the lawn chair reading with a lemonade, while listening to the birds sing.

    Thank you Linnette for having Stephanie on your Friday With Friends. I enjoyed your excerpt, Stephanie. :)

    Would love to win a copy!

    1. Hi, Devin! Thanks for dropping in. I have to agree with you on those Summer delights. Those are some of my favorite things, too. Birds. I LOVE birds - watching them and listening to them. They're such a gift from God!

      You're name is in the hat. ;)

    2. They really are such a gift! :) And such great musicians! haha.. :) Thanks, Linnette! Keep being amazing!

    3. And the fireflies! Epic, and I've begun to suspect the little fellas can teleport because I don't remember them being this difficult to catch when I was little!

      You'll be entered into the giveaway, Devin, and I'll use to choose a winner!

  2. Ohhh and you can contact me on Facebook. :)

  3. Hi LInnette :)

    Loved the post. I'm excited to read "Warrior of Ages" and haven't ordered it yet, so it would be exciting to win it.

    I'm so looking forward to your book, too! I'm very proud of my fellow monkeys!

    You can contact me though Facebook.

    Love you!

    1. Hi, Natalie!

      I'm so happy to see you here! Thank you for coming by and I'll have to check with Stephanie on sending a book to Canada. If she's okay with it, I'll for sure throw you name into the hat! ;)

      Love you, too, girlfriend! (((Hugs)))

    2. Sure, I'll send a book to Canada. It wouldn't even be the first. doesn't list the paperback yet. For right now gift-aways are the only way to get a paperback in CaNaDa!

  4. I have not yet ordered my copy....maybe waiting to win one....(hint, hint). Anyway, my summer delight is the sun, just that simple. Sitting or laying in the feels so warm on my skin, radiating, penetrating....spectacular. Oh and don't forget those little humming birds, so tiny and delicate!!! It was nice to read a few more line of this long awaited book! Great job S.R.Karfelt

    1. Sorry, I'm just a big goof, but a fan none the less!

    2. Like. :D Glad you made it over, Jeanna! :D

  5. This is Jeanna, BTW, I don't have any of the accounts it asks for. Oh wait, it let me do it this way!!!

    1. Hi Jeanna! I know how to contact you from FB! I have all of the above in the drawing now!

  6. If I saw WOA on the shelf, the cover would draw me instantly. I'm glad that you were so persistent with your cover designer. Over 200 photographs were taken of the model and only ONE of them caught the right look. Too many people settle for a royalty-free photograph that they've found online or will create something from scratch though they don't have cover art as a skill. The cover sells the book, because we know that while you cannot judge the content of a book by its cover, you can certainly miss a FANTASTIC book because of its cover.

    I'm very much looking forward to reading S. R.'s novel. Great Friday with Friends, Linnette! You chose a terrific person to showcase!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That should have read...
    Over 200 photographs were taken of the model on my cover and only ONE of them caught the right look.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  8. By the way the giveaway is open until Sunday at midnight!

  9. Nice post! And Stephanie, thanks again for the lovely letter opener. :)

    My summer delight is getting to go on vacation. I've been to a total of 18 states, and my favorite vacation destinations have been The Smoky Mountains, Hocking Hills, Costa Rica, and Arizona. Unfortunately our schedules did not permit us to go on vacation this year, but hopefully next summer we'll be able to get away! I would love to visit Alaska and Colorado someday.

  10. My summer delight is the beach. Any beach. The ocean calls to some deep primal instinct in me. Just hearing the rhythm of the waves makes all the tension in my body melt away. I get the intense feeling of insignificance followed by an even more intense feeling of awe that the creator of that powerful and enormous ocean, loves me.

    I love the cover and I love the book. I am asking that my name NOT be entered into the give away since I already have an autographed copy and love it. I want to share that feeling with someone else.

    Wishing you both great success in your book releases.

    1. I should have signed that^ Sorry!

    2. Duly noted and you won't be entered! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your summer delight with us. Am glad that you love your autographed copy of WOA. I feel the same about my autographed books, they're the only ones I won't share!

  11. Chocolate ice cream, s'mores, and hotdogs cooked over a campfire. I don't even like hotdogs usually, but something about summer makes me want them. Nostalgia I suppose.
    Also, the smell of peonies. We've had at least one peony bush in our yard at every house I've lived in while growing up. The smell is imbedded throughout my memories.
    I've already got my autographed copy - trying to win one to share.

    1. Now I've got to hunt up some peonies because I can't think what they smell like! You're entered in the drawing Call Me Heretic.

    2. *Waves at Heretic* Thanks for stopping by! :D

  12. Great Friday With Friends! That's some yummy looking beverages right there. Sure makes my bottle of water look dull. I can see how they would go nicely with a cozy reading nook and a few chapters of WOA! ;) Summer for me usually means fresh strawberry lemonade while floating around in the pool with a good book. Sadly, this past summer was eaten by the math monster. A mistake I won't make again. LoL Y'all know where to find me... should I be so lucky.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer. Not the math monster, but the other. Thanks for stopping by, DM!

  13. I guess I never answered the question. I love going to the beach and playing in the waves. I also enjoy my AC and a glass of sweet tea. :D

  14. I ran the names through Random dot Org and this is what it gave me: Heretic came in at number one. Contact me at with your mailing information and instructions!

    Thanks to all who stopped by this busy Labor Day weekend!

  15. I started reading this book this weekend and I"m already in love with Kahtar. I've seen her spearmint and strawberry recipe before, but now I have to go buy it, because it looks entirely too delicious tonight. Great post, Linnette!


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