Beth Gallagher Diary Entry 105, Volume 2

 December 1, 2000

Dear Diary
            I went to a basketball game tonight with a friend who goes to public school. It was so much fun! The game was tight, our team only winning by three points. We screamed so much my throat is raw and scratchy. I can barely talk. We went to My Amigo’s Pizza afterward. The place was packed! The basketball players, cheerleaders, and a lot of the fans go there after home games. It was kind of weird since I didn't know anyone except Marissa, but I had fun watching everyone and being introduced to some of Marissa’s friends. What would it be like to go to school and know so many other kids? What would it be like to be a cheerleader and get to wear those cute little skirts or to have the guys look at you as if the very sight of you took their breath away. I can’t even imagine. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life. I’m glad to be homeschooling. It’s just that sometimes I feel stifled and insignificant. Like this week. I was so glad when Marissa called to ask me if I wanted to go. I was a little shocked that mom and dad let me go. Maybe they’re starting to trust that I can take care of myself?

(Really, I am.)



  1. Ooh, I didn't know Beth was homeschooled. Loved it!

    1. :D

      You get to find out all kinds of goodies about Beth this way. ;)


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