"It's Not About Me" by Michelle Sutton

Michelle Sutton, known for her edgy christian romance did an amazing job with "It's Not About Me." She masterfully captured the the angst and confusion people in our society experience today when it comes to affection, love, and sex.

While Annie loved both brothers, Michelle helped her find her way to true love. Our innate desire as women is to please the man in our lives, sometimes even if that means compromising ourselves and our conscience. But, is this desire to please truly love?

Michelle does a remarkable job of showing that whatever decisions we make in our quest for love that it really isn't about ourselves. This is a great book for a mother and daughter to read and discuss together in hopes of guiding the daughter through these tender years and maybe even giving the mother insight into things that went wrong in her own quest for love and possibly how to begin mending what's broken.

Great job, Michelle! You've earned my five stars and you know how difficult an accomplishment that is! :D I can't wait to read, "It's Not About Him!"


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