Discovering Patience Through Healing

Photo by Linnette R Mullin
*This Same Jesus...: Discovering Patience Through Healing: We are all on a journey, are we not? The question is, what journey are we on and where exactly are we going? Is there a destination to which we look forward while we're on life's journey and, if so, what is that destination?

For so many years of my life, my goal was simply to survive the tests, trials, and heartaches that came into my life faster than I could breathe. I am a survivor, but only because God saw fit to reach down and pluck me from the torrent that had grown to out-of-control proportions. I was dying - body, soul, and spirit. Am I being a little over-dramatic? No. I cannot tell you in a few simple words from where I came, but I can tell you that the deep, dark vortex witnessed only by those closest to me was all too real. Thanks be to my heavenly Father that not only am I rescued from the trajectory I was on, but I'm walking a whole new journey...

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