Back to School! What?!?

Dear Friends,

So many of you have been faithful followers of Beth and have kept after me about "when is book two coming out". I hear you and no one wants book two on the shelves and in your hands more than I do. However, this author's life has taken turns she never expected. Part of those changes is my career. Don't worry! I'm not going to stop writing!

But I have decided to go back to school!  O.O 

This Fall, I enrolled in a community college, taking 12 credit hours. I know! What was I thinking?!? Right now, I'm trying to get my "college legs" under me, but I hope to get back to writing Tiffany's story soon. I've been hovering around the 60/65,000 word count for far too long and wish desperately to reach that 80/82,000 word mark so we can get a date on the publishing calendar.

In the meantime I thought we could do something fun.

I'm going to journal snippets of my college days in the form of writing letters to Beth. This way we can all stay connected and experience some college craziness together. Keeping in mind of course that from time to time there will be updates about Tiffany. I hope you'll tag along for the ride!

Yours truly,
~ Linnette

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