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Beth Gallagher
Heroine of “Finding Beth” by Linnette R. Mullin

Welcome Beth! Tell us a little about yourself.

~ My name is Elizabeth Anne Gallagher and I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m home-schooled, a college graduate, and I have one brother, Joshua Caleb, who is now in heaven. My parents grew up in a tiny south-eastern Missouri town called Logan Creek where I spent many childhood summer days visiting with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. Now, I spend my days working in a bank as a teller or customer service representative, eating sushi with my boss and best friend - Tiffany Nash, and planning for my future.

Speaking of your best friend, how did you and Tiffany meet, and what do you love most about her?

~ Tiffany hired me the summer before my Senior year in college to work at the bank branch where she’s the teller or CSR manager. What I love about Tiffany is there’s nothing put on about her. She’s a straight shooter – she tells it like she sees it, yet underneath her tough exterior is a tender, loving, fiercely loyal heart.

What do you value most in your friends?

~ Loyalty. A friend isn’t a true friend unless they stick by you through the dark moments of life.

Speaking of dark moments, what’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life and what did you learn from it?

~ That’s a loaded question. I will say it has to do with my brother’s death, my ex-fiancé, and facing the aftermath of that relationship. If you want to learn more, you can read about it in Linnette R. Mullin’s debut novel, “Finding Beth” where she tells my story.

I know from reading the book that you have a lot of good moments, too. What do you consider to be the best moment of your life?

~ There are many wonderful moments, but the best one was when God finally broke through all my pain and began healing my heart.

Obviously, you believe in God. What would you like to say about him?

~ He’s alive and real. He’s my life. Growing up, I always took God for granted. My parents and my brother, Josh, were always such strong Christians and I let them just carry me along. It’s not that I didn’t believe in Jesus for myself, or trust him as my savior, but my faith wasn’t very deep. It was so easy to depend on my family and just kind of float along in my Christian walk. They took care of me and protected me from the really bad things in life. Josh even protected me from Kyle until the accident. As hard as Josh’s death was, God used it and the following events in my life to show me that he’s not just my parent’s God or my brother’s God, but he’s my God. My savior. My strength and my fortress. He is a loving God who pours his grace and mercy out on his children every day - even his weak wavering ones. Through everything, he holds on to me even when I let go of him. Jesus is my everything.

I suppose it’s safe to say, then, the answer to my next question is that God is the most important thing in your life. What you value most?

~ Absolutely! My relationship with Jesus is more important than anything else in life. Without him, there is nothing worth living for.


So how do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you change?

I'm happy to answer that question. Head over to for the rest of the interview and if the readers leave any further questions for me in the comments, I'll be happy to answer them, too. I'll see you over there!

~ Beth Gallagher and Character Chats

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  1. Okay, you know my feelings on character interviews, but I will tip my hat to you and say I actually liked this one. A lot. The info about Tiffany really got my interest going!


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