"Finding Beth" Earns 5 Star Amazon Reviews!

Amazon reviewer, Angela D. Meyer, says...

Taken by Linda Low ~ Librarian from Illinois
"Finding Beth" will encourage you.

Emotionally manipulated, Beth struggles to be free of the relationship she has come to realize is a lie. Along the way, she discovers the true meaning of love when a young man steps into her life, only giving of himself instead of demanding from her.

Linnette’s debut novel certainly deals with some tough issues. A horrible ordeal on one side and a sweet love story on the other, "Finding Beth" offers hope to any woman caught in an unhealthy relationship. There is a way out.

Amazon reviewer, Lindsay Varble, says:


Linnette Mullin's "Finding Beth" is an intriguing story. You will find yourself eagerly flipping each page hoping Beth will make the right choices, cheering Adam on and biting your nails at every trial. A story of what true love looks like.

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