A Single Rose...

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What is it about a single red rose that melts a girl's heart? 

Running into the grocery store for a few supper items, I pass a man carrying a single rose with a touch of baby's breath. Instantly my heart melts. I imagine the smile on her face as he hands it over and I think, "How sweet!"

As I walk on, it hits me how quickly my thoughts turned romantic - not toward the man, but at the thought of any man purchasing a rose for his sweetheart. Why is that?

Is it the incongruity? We think of men as, well, manly. Is there something about the masculine holding such delicacy in order to please his sweetheart that appeals to us women? Is it the fact that he would take the time and effort to stop and buy her a flower?

As I write this, my thoughts are running in the direction of a scene for Tiffany regarding a single red rose with a touch of baby's breath... Here's a thought. Is it only red roses that make women melt or are there other flowers just as romantic? And if I do write this scene, what single bud do you think a man should give to Tiffany? Your thoughts?

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