Beth Gallagher Diary Entry 244, Volume 2

April 20, 2001

Dear Diary
            It’s so hard to believe Josh is graduating this year. In less than a month, he will be a high school graduate. Is it possible to be excited and depressed at the same time? I’m happy for him, but I’m not looking forward to the change it will bring in our family. Will he go to school locally and stay home a while longer or will he go off to University? The thought of not having my big brother around … well, I just want to cry! What will I do without him? Unlike a lot of big brothers, he not only looks out for me, but he includes me in his life. “Hey, Sis, you want to go grab a burger?” “Let’s go see a movie.” “I’m heading to the park to play flag football with the guys if you want to tag along.” He even taught me how to shoot his rifle one day because Mom and Dad were gone to a conference and he didn’t want to leave me home alone with nothing to do. It didn’t matter that his friends gave him funny looks and razzed him about me tagging along. He just shrugged it all off and never made me feel bad for any of it. He’s also been my main encourager where Connie is concerned. He even prays with me when I’m really down or worried about her. He’s my rock and I don’t want him to go away.
            My whining is really starting to get on my nerves, now. Think I’ll read a chapter in my novel before I turn out the light.

World’s biggest baby,


  1. I remember when my brother left. It was tough!

    1. I know! I remember when mine left, too. It was really weird not having him around, but fun when we'd get to see him. :D


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