Beth Gallagher Diary Entry 278

May 19, 2000

Dear Diary,
            School is out! Can you believe it? The year went by so fast! We had an end of year picnic day at the Zoo today. It was so much fun! Of course, we hung out more than we looked at the animals. Except the meerkats. I love the meerkats! They are one of the most adorable creatures God ever made. I took tons of pictures of them. Anyway, it was a fun day and, now that school is out, I have swimming to look forward to. I’m not good enough for the swim team yet, but I still love getting in the water. Who knows? Maybe I can join the team next year. Well, I’m tired, so goodnight for now.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Aw, who wouldn't love that precious meerkat face?!

    1. I know! Right? So cute. They remind me a bit of ferrets. We used to be ferret owners and they are so adorable! I like the meerkats because they act so human. :D


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