Beth Gallagher Diary Entry 1, Volume 2

June 10, 2000
Dear Diary,

            I’m fourteen today and my dear brother, Josh, gave me a new diary. I love starting with blank pages! I spent some time reading through last year’s diary before I retired it. I can’t believe how fast the year flew by and how much I’ve changed.
            We did the coolest thing at youth group tonight! We had a hotdog and marshmallow roast, and then we did some star gazing. It was amazing!
            Kyle Heinrich seemed to watch me a lot, but Josh made sure he didn’t get near me. I guess that’s okay. I’ve decided I don’t really want a boyfriend right now, anyway. My friend, Connie, got her heart broken and I’d hate to go through such a horrible experience! How’s a girl supposed to know if a guy really likes her or if he just wants in your shirt - or worse? Makes a girl think twice. I understand Josh’s protectiveness a little better now.
Goodnight for now, new diary!

As always,


  1. Haha, Beth. 'Makes a girl think twice.' Absolutely. This is just making my mouth water for the book to come out even more!


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