Public Health Alert

Here is a sneak peek at December's Public Health Alert issue:

"Re-examining 'Delusions of Parasitosis'"
~by Ginger Savely, DNP

"Attention Deficit Disorder"
~by Dr. Martha Grout

"NVIC Launches Research Fund"
~by Barbara Loe Fisher

"Choices Paving the Way for Physicians and Patients, Pt 2"
~by Tina J Garcia

"Communication With Your Spouse About Chronic Pain"
~by Lisa Copen

"Maintaining Marriage Through a Correct Life Focus"
~by Linnette R Mullin

"Insights Into Lyme Treatment"
~by Laura Zellar

"Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Illness"
(Introducing a New Patient Advocacy Group)

"Clarifying the Goals of the NEI and the Inclusion of Lyme Disease"

To find the current issue simply click on the link under "Check It Out."

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