Devo Book ~ Beth ~ Public Health Alert ~ and Just a Thought...

Busy! A single word that defines my life perfectly right now. Here are the highlights:

1. 101 Faces of Faith: is the possible title of the gift book my writer's network, HACWN, is hoping to publish in time for Christmas. Due to time constraint and economy, the 365 day devotional has been turned into a gift book. It will be a nice hardback perfect for gift giving or enjoying on your own coffee table or nightstand for the price of the afore mentioned softcover. Instead of 365 daily devotionals, it will contain 101 (I assume) of the same type of devotionals - 300 words with Scripture verse, personal/demonstrative story, and one-line application.

I've really been praying for this book. Especially after I learned the project was not in the "for sure" category. This being the first time I've been involved in book publishing, I didn't realize there was an "if" stage to get beyond. However, it is looking more certain that with the adjustments we've made the project is a "go".

For those of you wishing to order books, thanks for your patience in the matter. Currently, I have a list of 25 books reserved for my readers. If anyone else wishes to order, they retail for $18. I will give at least a 10% discount or free shipping to anyone who orders from me. I'll even sign your copy if you like. :D If you do want a copy/copies, please let me know asap. The final orders for books will be going in soon. I don't know if I will be able to get more once my copies are gone. You may contact me at or look me up on Facebook.

2. Beth...sorry folks, Beth still hasn't been found. There has been so much upheaval in my life with moving, schooling, doctor appointments, and this writing project that Beth has once again been put on the back burner. However, she is not forgotten! You, my dear readers, have not been forgotten! I will continue Beth's story. Once I get caught up on my current pressing issues, I will return to Beth. Thank you for your faithful reading and enduring patience!

In the next chapter, Beth will reunite with her parents. How will that go? Will her dad welcome her? And, what about Kyle? Will she face him again while she waits for Adam to arrive with her car and belongings? If so, will Kyle convince her to return to him. Then, again, maybe he decides he doesn't need her and lets her go. Or, maybe...

Stay tuned!

3. Public Health Alert readers: I will not have an article in the November issue. I simply didn't have the time and focus to produce such a vital article and I didn't want to short-change you by cranking out one of lower quality. However, I am happy to tell you that my article on "Maintaining Marriage with a Correct Life Focus" will appear in the December issue. It will be the second article in my series, "Maintaining Marriage in the Midst of Chronic Illness." Have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you in December!

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Special thanks goes to all my faithful readers and blessings to each one of you who stops by for a visit. I so appreciate your support, prayers, and every encouraging word!

Yours truly,

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