September's News

Good morning!

Laptop: I wanted to let you know that my laptop is alive and well. It turned out to be a power supply issue like my hubby thought. As far as I can tell, I didn't lose anything. Praise God! Thanks to those of you who suggested places to take my laptop. We found a good "doctor" who fixed it over the holiday weekend and got it back to us in a timely manner. Thanks for a great job, Ed!

Thanks: I want to thank those of you who sent me encouraging little notes in response to the delay in getting Beth's next chapter out. I wasn't ignoring you, but I've been sick and am still sick, so I thank you all at once. Your notes were very encouraging! Thanks for your understanding and your loving support.

Newsletter: There will be no September issue of my newsletter. I need to spend that time getting caught up on Beth. This letter will have to suffise.

Prayer: For those who are my self-appointed prayer warriors, here are my requests:
1) Job for John as his contract is ending. Some of the following hinge on this one.
2) Provision for the boys' school tuition.
3) Provision for attendance to my writer's conference in November.
4) Preparation of articles, stories, etc. for the conference. (I have an invitation to take a meal at the conference with a Focus on the Family editor whether I attend the conference or not.)
5) My recovery from strep throat so I can work next week and the boys' continued recovery from strep/colds/allergies.

Thanks to all of you who pray for me and encourage me. All your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Spread the word! Please be sure to share my website and/or "Finding Beth" with all friends and family members who you think would be interested. and (on-line serial story).

Blessings: This update is sent with a prayer for encouragement from God in your life. May we all learn to love Him more. God bless!

In Christ,
Linnette R Mullin

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