Three More Days Until I'm #Writing #LovingTiffany

THREE days!!! Three more days until Spring Break starts and I'll be #Writing #LovingTiffany!!! For now, I'm taking a Publix-Neapolitan-with-caramel-drizzle break between exams. I SO NEED A BREAK!!! 

Three more days...



  1. Dear Linnette,
    Publix does make the best ice cream, don't they? My husband retired from Publix. Did you know that you can take a tour of the dairy plant? At the end of the tour, they give out free samples of ice cream. My personal favorites are Cherry Nut and Chocolate Almond. Have a great weekend. Janet E. aka Library Lady.

    1. Really??? That is so cool! Where is the dairy plant located?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Janet!


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