"Why Do You Write Romance" You Ask?

What a wonderful Christmas break I've had. I head back to the classroom on Monday, January 11, and decided it was time to finish my manuscript for "Loving Tiffany" - book 2 in the "Flying with Broken Wings" series. She's getting close. We'll see if I can pull it off. As I write toward the end of "Loving Tiffany", a friend reminds me of the reasons I write these stories. You see, I'm a hopeless romantic. Have been since the day I was conceived. As I grew up in a Christian home and a church that preached the love and gospel of Jesus, I learned from an early age the pattern for true romance. Why am I a romance writer? Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story to have ever unfolded. Jesus, the groom, desperately loves his bride, the church (those whose hearts belong to him). There is not a day of my life in which I have been unaware of Jesus and his sacrificial love. From my earliest memory at the age of 3 or 4, I have known he loves me with an unimaginable, incomprehensible, unconditional love. Through the years, he has taught me the truth I share with you here. There is no love more wonderful, more unconditional, more romantic than that of Jesus. He is the foundation of my romantic notions. He is the hero in all my stories. He is what fuels every love story I write. Anyone who has read "Finding Beth" should recognize that it's not simply a story of how she meets and falls in love with an amazing guy. It's a story of redeeming love that can only ever be found in Christ. And when you read "Loving Tiffany" (once she's published), you will recognize the very same theme. My stories of romance are not simply stories of how a man and a woman come together, but they are stories of redemption and the greatest love story of all eternity. In my series, "Flying with Broken Wings", I write about broken women overcoming and being made whole through the unfettered love of Jesus. To all the Beth's and Tiffany's out there, here is song is for you. Spread the word!

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