SELAH Awards Road Trip!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed 
"Finding Beth" 
would win two awards within the same week! 

I shared about winning the Grace Award in my last post, 
so here's my journey to the SELAH Awards in pictures.

Heading to Ridgecrest for the SELAH Awards Banquet
Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference
Entering North Carolina! Woo-hoo!
I hate selfies!
Selfie #2 - My & Joanie's room.
A gift Ridgecrest left on my pillow.
I LOVE this cup! Use it nearly everyday.
Thank you, Crossbooks!
Dressed with somewhere to go!
Two of my favorite ladies ~ DiAnn Mills and YVonne Lehmen
DiAnn's my first mentor and responsible for propelling me
down my writing journey! This was also the first time I met
her face to face. Her presence made the night extra special!!!
I love you, DiAnn!
Aah! The Awards!   ~   *BRMCWC Photo
Oooh! The food!  ~   *BRMCWC Photo
And dessert!!   ~   *BRMCWC Photo
My dear roomie, Joanie Kohler, on the right!
Joanie opened her room to me when she learned I
I was coming for Awards night and needed a bed.
Thank you, dear Joanie! You're such a gem!!!
The distinguished Mr. And Mrs. Alton Gansky!
Another reason this award means so much to me is that Al
taught at my first writer's conference and gave me my first
critique! Thank you, Al, for the encouragement you gave
me that day! I needed it more than you'll ever know!
Ben Wolfe with Splickety Magazine
and fellow Blue Monkey!
It was great to meet you, Ben!
My new friend, Heather Hook, on the left.
Welcome to PCWN, Heather! I'm so glad Edie introduced us!
It's always interesting to Steven James!
Al and his cohorts:
Edie Melson (middle) & Eva Marie Everson (right)!
Edie, Al, and Eva!   ~   I love you guys!

Alton Gansky, Linnette R Mullin, 
Jordyn Redwood, Richard Mabry, & Edie Melson
Jordyn and Richard, my fellow finalists, are both award winning 
suspense writers, making my win incredibly amazing!
Receiving my BEAUTIFUL SELAH Award!!!
Thanks, Eva Marie!
Shocked. Excited. Incredulous. Happy. Guilty.
(for winning over Jordyn and Richard) Overwhelmed.
How many feelings can one experience when
winning an award like this? Unbelievable!
*BRMCWC Photo with Al and Edie
My dear Ann Tatlock and I celebrating our awards together!
What a night and what a memory! I'll never forget the way
she grabbed me after we stepped outside the banquet hall,
squeezed me and squealed, as happy for me as she was
for herself, if not more so. Thank you for that, Ann!
What a wonderful surprise to find fellow
PCWN writer, Jean Wilund,
present and celebrating with me, as well!
Saying thank you & goodbye to dear Edie...

Saying thank you & good-bye to Al...
...worth a thousand words...
...and yet as I read reviews for "Finding Beth" on Amazon today, 
the tears came. I have given Beth's story to God every step of the way 
and according to the reviews He is answering my prayers!
He is using "Finding Beth" to touch hearts and 
encourage women in all the ways I hoped and prayed he would. 
Awards are oh SO wonderful, yet it doesn't get better than that...


  1. So excited for you! What a wonderful achievement! Whoo Hoo!!! :)

    1. Thank you, Jean!!! It was great having you there! It made receiving the award a little less lonely! :D

  2. Congratulations again, Linnette. Thanks for the pictorial post! I watched some of the event live, but this really helped make the event more real.

    1. Thank you, Debra! I'm so glad you enjoyed this! :D

  3. Thanks for sharing this exciting moment with us, Linnette. What a wonderful journey and answer to prayer for your writing ministry !

    1. Thank you, RJ!!! God is so good to work in the midst of all life brings us!

  4. Way to go Linnette! You deserve all the love and awards!

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Linnette! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Congratulations!! We always knew that one day we would be able to say "We knew her when...."


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