The FINDING BETH Countdown ~ 28 Days!

I've been a little absent on the social media scene the last few months. What can I say other than life has been crazy busy? There have been so many new things to learn on my journey to publication and in the midst of it I'm still a wife and mom who does her best in spite of chronic Lyme disease and the many trips to the doctor over the past six months.

So, what do I do in my spare time? Obviously, I don't record more than one "Ask the Author" videos. However, I do seek out bloggers to post for me during my launch. I write content for those posts. I edit and proofread my manuscript over and over again. I hunt for perfect places to have a launch party and book signings. I think about the most frugal way to proceed with good marketing. I post on Facebook to keep readers up to speed. I plan and write newsletters (in which I'm long overdue). Then, there's Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I also plan meetings for my local writer's group, and try to write newsletters and blog posts for them. And ... I know there's much, much more, but I forget. I forget a lot!

Even with a checklist, I find it difficult to remember everything. I don't know why. I mean, its not like I have a husband who needs love and support and encouragement and healthy food and general filling in the gap from his wife. It's not like I have a first year college student and need to call every department in the school to get all the answers we need. It's not like I have a senior in high school who has a sleep disorder, misses a lot of tough classes, and then has to somehow catch up to keep a passing grade, plus find time to squeeze in ACT application deadlines and testing. Did I mention college and scholarship application deadlines? It's not like I have a high school sophomore who is applying to a special art school for his Junior/Senior years and we have deadlines to meet. It's not like I have a little guy with little guy needs that are totally different from the older boys. And did I mention the shuttle service? Did I mention having one car (and thinking of a way to get another) to transport these four to school, work, karate, play practice, art studios, choir practice, doctor's appointments, etc on top of necessary shopping for the family? I won't even go into cooking and cleaning and laundry for six... Did I also say that I love these guys of mine and that they make it all worth while?

In the midst of it all, I have a book to launch and another to write, and I'm am so excited that you are a part of this! Thank you for your support and encouragement, dear reader. I pray you will be blessed by the years and hours of pouring my life into this work of heart. Join with me in spreading the word. Tell all your friends and family that "Finding Beth" will finally be here, and in time for Christmas!


  1. I am so excited... This is so deserving for you and you will be greatly rewarded...


Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me! I hope you enjoyed your time here and will come visit me again! :D

Linnette R Mullin