Beth Gallagher Diary Entry 1

June 10, 1999
Dear Diary,

            Hi! My name is Elizabeth Grace Gallagher, but I go by Beth and today is my 13th birthday. My brother, Joshua (I call him Josh), gave me this diary. He knows I’ve wanted one forever. He’s such a cool big brother! I’ll cherish this forever and I’ll write in it every day.
            Today was the best birthday ever. We went to The Fun World amusement park with some of my home-school friends. Then everybody came back to our house for bar-b-q, cake, and ice-cream. And of course there were presents! Daddy built this beautiful writing desk for me. Mom gave me stationary, pencils, pens, and stamps to go in it. She knows how much I like to write to my friends from camp. My friends went together and bought me a charm bracelet and each one put a different charm on it. It’s the coolest, sweetest thing they could have given me. And of course Josh gave me this diary.
            Well, I have to go for now. My friends are waiting for me in the den. We’re having a sleepover, but I had to sneak to my room and write something. How could I not write in my diary on the day I get it? That would just be tragic.

Until next time, 


  1. Fun idea! That's a great way to connect with characters and start building the history for your book. You definitely captured the voice of a thirteen year old girl.

    Can't wait for more!


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