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"Midlife Crisis"

"I'm having a midlife crisis, Mommy."
Laura Holt glanced over at her daughter.  Molly sat at the little table her dad had put in the corner of the kitchen just for her.
"Don't you think you're a little young for a midlife crisis, hon?" 
Molly's attention remained fixed on the dolls, who were involved in a very serious discussion over tiny cups of tea.  The girl shrugged her tiny shoulders and said, "I'm 5.  How old do you have to be?"
Laura laughed.  "Generally much older.  Like daddy's age."  As soon as the words came of her mouth Laura guessed that Molly had heard her father say something about having a midlife crisis.
"Why?" Molly asked. 
Laura walked around the kitchen counter and knelt beside this little girl that had come to be the center of her life.  "Well honey, when people get older, they sometimes feel like they have missed out on things in life.  They go back and try to find it."  She grabbed her daughter and tickled her.  "Usually in really stupid ways."  The sound of Molly's giggles brought such lightness to her Laura's heart that she couldn't help laughing along with her.
"Daddy's old," Molly said, still not completely rid of her giggles.
Laura nodded.  "Old as dirt.  He may be having a midlife crisis, but 5 year old girls don't have them."  She pulled Molly to her and gave the tiny girl a big hug.  Just then the back door opened and Molly’s dad, Brian, strode in.
"How are my two girls today," he said as he grabbed Molly up in one arm and pulled Laura tight against him with the other.  He gave Molly a very wet sounding kiss on the cheek, then turned to Laura with a much more passionate one.
"I'm having a midlife crisis, daddy."
Brian turned to Molly.  "You are?  Does that mean we get a Harley?"  His wide-eyed look turned from his daughter to his wife.  "Everyone who goes through a midlife crisis wants a Harley."
Laura pulled away from him and punched his arm playfully. "Or a mistress."
Brian looked into Molly's face with a questioning look.  "You want a mistress?"
Molly had no idea what a mistress was, but she could tell from the look on her father's face that he was joking.  "No," she said, putting her face nose to nose with his.  She kissed him, and then squirmed to be put down.
"What brought this on?" Brian asked Laura.
Laura shrugged. "I have no idea.  Have you been talking about midlife crisis' lately?"
Brian pulled his wife into a tight hug.  "I'm much too fortunate of a man to need something like a midlife crisis.  Besides, I'm not that old."
"Hmmm...Molly says you are."
"She does, eh?"
"Yep.  Daddy's old.  That's what she said."
"Is that right?"  Brian turned to his daughter.  "Well, chipmunk.  If you don't want a Harley, and you don't want a mistress, what do you want?"
"DISNEYLAND!" Molly tossed both dolls in the air and danced in a circle, waving her arms in the air.  "Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland."
Brian sighed.  "Disneyland.  Of course, every five-year-old going through a midlife crisis wants to go to Disneyland.  Lord knows, by the time they reach that ripe old age, they may never get another chance."


Laura sat on Molly's bed, one hand absently stroking the pink Hello Kitty spread.  The room was neat enough to be called clean by a kid, and messy enough for a mom to say "Try again".  Laura's eyes locked on the Mickey Mouse ears that hung on the bedpost.  She reached out and shakily picked the ears up.  That trip to Disneyland had been one of the most special days of all of their lives.  They talked about it still.  A tear ran down Laura's cheek.  Five years ago they had gone on that trip.  They had even called it Molly’s Midlife Crisis Trip.  
Laura cast her heart to God.  Why?  Why my little girl?  Today would have been Molly's tenth birthday, but instead of throwing a party, they had buried her.
"Take care of her, Lord," Laura whispered.  "Please take care of my little girl.  She always loved you."  Laura placed the Mickey Mouse ears back where they belonged and rose from the bed.  She forced a smile.  "You'll always be our little chipmunk, Molly.  Always." 
The sigh of a gentle summer breeze billowed the pink curtain as Laura quietly slipped from the room. 


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Tom Mohan grew up in rural Missouri, where he learned that reading was a great escape from the restless boredom he often felt.  He loved anything scary, and latched on to the writings of Stephen King and Peter Straub.  After joining the U.S. Navy in the early 80’s, Tom discovered epic fantasy and read as much of it as he could get.  Tom currently resides in San Diego, California with his wife and two daughters, and is currently in the final editing of his first novel, “Eve of Redemption”.  Visit Tom on the web at


  1. Wow! Powerful short! Great job Tom!

  2. Oh my goodness, Tom. I don't know what to say. So beautiful. I read it twice and was moved even more deeply the second time. Well done!


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