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Linnette R Mullin: BOOKS: Check out Linnette's new "BOOKS" pages.

As we gear up for the release of "Finding Beth", we've created special pages just for her. This is where the Prologue and Chapter One are located. It's also where we'll put collective information about Linnette's debut novel including Beth's book cover, release date, Linnette's book signing tour, sneak peeks & behind the scenes, and more. So stay tuned.

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... Beth's mind flew to the conversation she overheard at church last night, churning like an oncoming hurricane:

“Not only is he engaged to someone else, but you could be pregnant!”
Beth froze in the bathroom stall, her hand hovering at the lock. Should she step out or wait until they left? 
“He doesn’t love her. He loves me.”
The two voices moved closer, so she didn’t move.
“And he said this when? Before or after you gave him what he 
“It’s not like that.”
Dread coursed through Beth as an image of Kyle flirting with the pretty red head flitted through her mind. No! He wouldn’t…
“Samantha -”
Beth’s lungs froze.
“No, Tracy. I don’t care what you say. He promised he’d take care of me. I’m going to marry Kyle…”
Her head swam and she braced herself against the walls. It couldn’t be… but the image of Kyle’s eyes roving possessively over Samantha Ross burned in her memory.
Kyle. No. They couldn’t mean… He wouldn’t do such a thing! Would he? Niggling doubts whispered things she didn’t want to hear. Her world tilted, spinning out of control....

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