Fountain of Wishes, Part 2

An Odyssey in Prose: Fountain of Wishes, Part 2 ~ Tuesday Tale:

The Pineapple Fountain
by Just Watching the Wheels Go Round
          Troy reached the woman’s side in time to hear his name on her breath. Her wide eyes captivated him, green and wonderfully familiar.

“Chloe? Chloe Brown?" He searched her face. "Oh, wow!  It's you.” He reached out to take her in his arms, but opted for giving her upper arms a gentle squeeze.

She stood frozen, staring up at him with disbelief written across her face. So many emotions flitted through her gorgeous green eyes, he wasn't sure whether she was glad or horrified to see him.

He dropped his hands and stuffed them in his pockets all casual-like, but he didn't step away. “How are you?” He spoke in a soft intimate tone. Did she know how much he cared? Did she know the agony he'd endured since...

            “I… I’m okay.” A look of wonder began to dawn on her face. “How about you?”

            “I’m good.” I’m more than good now that I've found you, is what he wanted to say. “You look as amazing as ever.” He allowed his gaze to sweep over her.

            Her brows crinkled. “I do?” She glanced down as if she’d forgotten what she was wearing. “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” Was that accusation lacing her tone?

            He shrugged. “Like I said. You look amazing.” His fingers itched to trace her brow... trail down her cheek... run through her hair. ...

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