Friday with Friends ~ Donna M Kilgore

The Writer's Heart...

by Stormwarning

The writer's heart knows only its own rhythm.

Subconsciously it composes a fated stream of words 
that flow like raging rapids. 
Passionately sung, like the lyrics of a love song, 
expressions fall melodious and sweet...
the lexis of the soul.

There are no rules, no constraints, no obligations. 
Only the writer's fervent vision. 
A unique voice unlike any other, 
trademarked by the quivering beating
of their hemorrhaging heart.

Some will not detect the intimate undercurrent 
of deeper meaning, 
carefully crafted and painstakingly hidden 
beneath words at center stage, 
greedy for the spotlight.

But a glorious few will feel the tug of the undertow 
and find themselves struggling against 
the current of common thought, 
quickly drowning in the sweet release 
of unbridled inspiration.

~by Linnette R Mullin, all rights reserved.

They will see but a glimpse 
of what only the writer has seen... 
dreams and nightmares 
wrestling upon a copper scented breeze.

They will hear but a whisper 
of what only the writer has heard... 
optimistic laughter 
punctuated by the drenching staccato of tears.

They will taste but a morsel 
of what only the writer has savored... 
succulent fruits from a withered vine, 
severed by the same stinging blade 
that painfully caresses 
the writer's throbbing heart.

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D.M. Kilgore has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil (which she does improperly to this day). When she’s not writing (truthfully we should say typing, due to that whole pencil issue and resulting horrid penmanship) she is a full time college student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in English/Creative Writing with a specialty in fiction writing and minoring in Psychology. D.M. also runs a death-row dog rescue, is a homeschool teacher, mother, and wife.
Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, two active boys (who want to be rock stars), a multitude of car parts (her husband deems necessary), a small zoo full of crazy animal companions, and enough quirky friends to provide her with plenty of inspiration, she slips into her office every night around midnight and doesn't emerge until the sun breaks over the horizon.
When asked, "But when do you sleep?" She smiled sleepily and stated, "Sleep? I'll sleep when I'm dead."
She's rather well known in her small town, not for being a published freelance writer, but for the things she says on her personal Facebook page. Her daily adventures and subsequent blogs are well followed due to her quick wit and her willingness to bare her soul in her writing.
When asked to describe herself she proudly replied, "I am what happens when you mix a tree-hugging, nature loving hippie with a gun-toting, 4x4 driving redneck, and stir in generous doses of domestically-challenged super-mom and Southern Belle."
DM is currently working on a suspense filled romantic thriller, “Final Judgment”, and a young adult paranormal fantasy, "Eternal Providence".

You can follow her on her Website, Writer's Blog, Facebook, and on Twitter


  1. LOVE this poem, Donna! Thanks so much for letting me post it! :D

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you Linnette and LaDonna! =)

    I do love writing poetry from my heart. ♥

    Thank you for having me over today Linnette! This is so much fun! =)


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