"Black" is Brilliant

Black: The Birth of Evil (The Circle, #1)Black: The Birth of Evil by Ted Dekker
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"Black" is the first Ted Dekker book I've ever read. Was that a collective gasp I just heard? I know, right? But, you see, I'm an avid Inspirational romance reader. I've never been able to read anything else. I'm a hopeless romantic and other genres just didn't pull me in. But all that changed with "Black."

I am convinced that Ted Dekker is brilliant. I don't say that lightly. In fact, I have NEVER, EVER in ALL MY LIFE called ANY author brilliant! Not even my FAVORITE romance writers. (Don't worry. I still love you all.) I'm very particular about writing. I've been in the biz long enough to know what makes a good writer and Ted is beyond good. There is nothing contrived about his stories.

How does an author take fantasy and make if feel so real that the reader nearly forgets it isn't? I'm not sure, but Ted does it with grace and beauty. The imagery? The struggles? The emotion? Brilliant! Astounding! Words escape me! And the way he sends Thomas between two worlds is incredible. He really pulls if off! I love the limitations he puts on Thomas and yet he ties Thomas intrinsically to both worlds. Amazing! And, of course, I love the Great Romance! After all, that's what true romance is to based on. No greater love... And the plot? Incredible!

I'm left in awe. "Black" was definitely written by a master storyteller!

Ted, thank you for going against the wind and sharing your gift with us. If I could give you more than five stars (I rarely give out five stars), I would. I'd give you seven. Bravo!

I'm off to read "Red"...

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