Writing in First Person POV

I struggle with reading first person point of view stories. It's not that they aren't good stories. They usually are. But, I find that I sludge my way through them.

At first I couldn't pinpoint why they are difficult reading for me. I know. There are people out their who absolutely love first person pov, but I must say that it stuns me.

Having said that, I did read one that was fairly easy to read and I enjoyed it. The first person pov was done very well. Couldn't for the life of me tell you the title, though. That was too many books ago and before relocating 1,000 miles from home. Most of my books are still at home, so...

What makes first person pov so enthralling for some readers? I'd love to know what your thoughts are.
Why do I not like reading it myself? Telling instead of showing.

Have you ever noticed there is a lot of telling in first person pov? While it's often comical, it drags unless you are one of those authors who are exceptionally good at writing in that style. Like Poe. Now, he could write first person pov and keep you hooked!

So, why do writers get away with telling instead of showing in first person, but in third person its the death of your book? Hmm...I wonder...

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