Merry Christmas!

Saying Goodbye to 2009

It's hard to believe 2010 is upon us. Wasn't Y2K just yesterday? My boys were 5, 4, and 2 with number four not yet on the scene. Now, we have three teenagers plus a 4-year-old. Where did the past decade go?

It's been a year full of adventure for the Mullin clan, as many of you know. Through the unemployment, temporary employment in South Carolina, move to South Carolina and back, everything in between and since, God has been so faithful in keeping us and providing all our needs. We are so grateful for all the prayers and loving support we've received over the year. Thank you.

Public Health Alert

My editor at PHA is going through a series of severe trials. I would so appreciate any prayers on her and her family's behalf.

My latest article, Tired of Living With Me, can be found at:

Finding Beth

I admit that following the writer's conference I found myself extremely overwhelmed. Of course, my computer crashing didn't help matters. Thankfully, the computer disaster is over (praying it stays that way!) and I am anxious to get going full-blown on my manuscript once the holidays are over and school is underway. I'm sure life will interfere. I'll just have to work through it. For now, let me say thanks to Phyllis and Larry for continuing to inspire me! ☃

Merry Christmas!

May the Lord bless and keep you and yours during this holiday season, as well as in the year to come. From our house to yours, we wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


  1. A wonderful and Merry Christmas to you too; may the love of our Savior that brought God down to walk with His creation shine in your heart and home this holiday season. :)

  2. Thanks, Jeanette! I hope you had a Merry Christmas, as well!

  3. Hi, friend! Thanks so much for posting the cover of TEXAS ROADS on your blog. I soooo appreciate you helping to get the word out!

    In honor of your lovely blog, I've bestowed The Lovely Blog Award on you. You can pick it up here:

    Cathy =)


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