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FYI...I've started a new blog - "Just A Thought" Defining Moments With God. As with everything else, I'm not a consistent poster. You know me well enough by now to know that my life with a family of six and Lyme Disease is demanding. My writing trails behind these other demands. But, I was having quiet time the other day and was so blessed and encouraged by what I read that I wanted to write it down. I'm so forgetful and wanted a place where I could go back and remind myself of what God said to my heart. So, I started yet another blog. I may not be able to journal my thoughts consistently, but I wanted to give it a shot. This is a little more personal. This is my heart opened to God. Feel free to read, comment, or ignore. But, I wanted to make these thoughts available to you just in case they might bless and encourage you, too. Just click "Just A Thought" under my "Check it Out!" link list. I pray the Lord blesses you with the fellowship of His love.

In His Grace,


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