Due to my editor's brain surgery scheduled for August 16, the September issue of Public Health Alert is now available on-line. (You'll find the link in the left-hand column under "Check it Out.") Be sure to make your way there and read my latest article about how my first pastor, Jim Morris, impacted my life through his own illness.

Also, "Surprise!" My face made it on the homepage this month. If you wish to read any of my other articles, click on "staff" and then my name. It will bring up my archive.

There are many interesting and helpful articles and I encourage you to read them. Tina Garcia's overview of the unprecedented hearing between IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America - whom most doctors and insurance agencies turn to for guidelines in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases), and the doctors/researchers representing the patients. The IDSA has been short-changing Lyme patients since their 2006 guidelines were published, but hopefully this will soon be remedied. This hearing was the first of its kind in medical history and Tina wrote a very encouraging report.

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