Procrastinating, Anyone?

It's not like I ever give myself much more than a week to write an article, but I usually use the first three weeks of the month to perculate ideas, to narrow the focus of what I want to write about. I've struggled all week with the article that is to come out in October's issue of Public Health Alert. (It's due Saturday.) I even put off the writing for a couple days. Hoping to be struck as if by lightning? You know, the ole lightbulb that suddenly appears above your head? Thankfully, John let me bounce my thoughts off him. It's not that he told me anything new, but just talking it over with him helped me to focus. Thanks, Honey!

In the August issue of PHA, I wrote about learning God's will for my life. For September's issue, I shared about my first pastor, Brother Jim Morris, and how his life impacted mine - both then and now. For October, I'm writing an overview on dealing with marriage dynamics in chronically ill families. All of my articles are placed in the Faith Factor section of the paper and are meant to encourage Lymies and their families to always look to God in the midst of their sufferings. I have learned, however, that even people who do not battle with chronic illness have been encouraged by my articles. For this, I am so very thankful and pray that the Lord will continue to use me as He sees fit - even when I procrastinate.


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