Catching Up

The beginning of August brought the end of my contract with author friend, Mark Littleton, and a dinner invitation with a Focus on the Family children’s editor during November’s writer’s conference. I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk with him and gain tips on how to write for children and teens.

The start of school came for my boys and illness with it. For an update on how we're doing, see "Living With Chronic Lyme Disease" link under "Check It Out."

Garrison zapped my laptop, but, praise God, we found someone to rescue it. I’m so thankful that I didn’t lose anything.

The September writer’s meeting went well, even though I was probably too sick to be there. I administered the writing activity for the night. We played a word game in which each table received a theme/title for a story. Each person wrote down three favorite fun words and were instructed to write a sentence using at least one of their words. However, they were to continue the story from the sentence written previous to theirs. See “Stop, You Mangy Dog” and “Look! Up In The Sky” for a sample of craziness this group came up with. See what happens when you have “too many cooks in the kitchen.” LOL It was fun!

Don’t forget to catch up on Beth! I’ll be posting chapter 17 next week. See the chapter update for specifics. Enjoy!

May God bless your day!

~Linnette R Mullin

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