“Fruitful” Business

This month has been full of personal busyness with doing seemingly very little business, but I did manage to get a few things done.

I completed chapter 13 and 14 of “Finding Beth." I updated the home page of my website and put in a handful of hours in my role as associate publicist.

One very exciting thing for me was sitting on a panel for my writer's group, HACWN, at our July meeting. The owners asked four of us who have particularly difficult things in our lives that cause interruptions to share about our struggles, how they effect our writing, and how we overcome. I spent several hours preparing for it by writing out and editing down my answers to the questions. (If you would like to read the questions and my answers, please scroll to the bottom of this blog page.) It was an honor to sit on the panel and answer their questions. Many of the members shared with me afterward that it was a real blessing for them to listen to our stories. I am so thankful for this and many other opportunities God has opened up for me through my writing career. Keep me in your prayers that I will keep my focus on sharing His message and glorifying Him in all that I do.

The most exciting thing this month was completing the final editing on my article for In Touch magazine with Charles Stanley. Yes, they bought my article! It will appear in the November 2008 issue. It’s called, “Can I Still Bear Fruit” and you’ll be able to read it on line at: www.InTouch.org in November.

Happy Reading!

~Linnette R Mullin

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