An Overlooked “African American”...An Icon in Science...A Man of God...

George Washington Carver was a unique man, not one to seek fame—though fame often sought him. Rather than taking important positions in society and politics with high profile men in order to further the research of botany, he sent his students in his stead. The purpose behind his studies was to further the knowledge of God and His creation. Unlike many scientists today, he believed that you cannot separate nature from its Creator. He never failed to hear God’s voice when performing research and always rejoiced in God for his finds.

Due to his unique outlook on learning, teaching, and of sharing knowledge freely, George Washington Carver National Monument remains one of the few national parks that do not require an entrance fee. And, thanks to Mr. Carver’s research in pigmentation, we have what’s known today as Crayola Crayons.

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~Linnette R Mullin

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