Coming Home...

Searching my files this week, I came across part of my very first manuscript- the one that started it all! “Coming Home” was born sometime after the birth of my third son. My best guess would be 1998.

“Coming Home” is the novel that pushed me to pursue help from published authors.

While searching the internet, I came across an online writing class by DiAnn Mills. It didn’t cost much and I thought it just might be what I needed. During the class DiAnn was super encouraging and expressed an interest in reading a completed work. I would never have guessed that 15 years or so later she would not only read a completed work of mine, but would also endorse it. At the end of the class, she encouraged me to join a local writer’s group and sent me to author Mark Littleton and HACWN.

I emailed Mark and he graciously read the first page. He immediately knew what was wrong and proceeded to explain “show, don’t tell.” He encouraged me to join HACWN and attend their annual writers conference. The speakers at the conference were doing personal one on one critiques and so I signed up with Alton Gansky. It turned out to be quite an interesting conversation as one of the top editors in the business was in the room setting up for his next class. Between Al’s critique and Andy’s comments about what Al was saying, I left a very encouraged and hopeful writer. Had anyone told me that Alton Gansky would be awarding my debut novel. ”Finding Beth,” 15 /16 years later with DiAnn Mills in attendance at the awards banquet, I would not have been able to comprehend it. These two and Mark will forever have a special place in my heart. God is good!

So, here I am with this beautiful reminder. Since my momma wants me to finish this story before she crosses over, I am reopening the manuscript. I pray I can finish it for my momma!

~ Linnette R. Mullin, Author
Author of Award-Winning novel, Finding Beth

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